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January Mission of the month


Pray America


Pray America began in the late 1980′s to serve those in need in Central America. They are now in Guatemala and we will be raising money to build a house for a widow.


december mission of the month

December Mission of the Month

December Mission of the Month

Bless the Orphans is an amazing organization started right here in Georgetown township. They raise money for Home of Matthew 25 in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

Bless the Orphans


During December we raised  $888.72 and this will be used to provide food, books, uniforms, and pay for some children's tuition so they can attend Sunday school. 

Continue to Support


Continue to support Bless the Orphans at http://www.blesstheorphans.org/

November mission of the month

November Mission of the Month


Base Camp Urban Outreach is an organization in Grand Rapids dedicated to equipping inner-city youth for the challenges of life. They provide hot meals, tutoring, spiritual guidance, and many other amazing resources for these kids.

Our Impact


During November we raised $868.66  for Base Camp Urban Outreach. This money will help provide hot meals, tutoring, spiritual guidance, and many other amazing resources for kids in Grand Rapids. 

Continuing the Support


 A few ways you can help it by driving kids to and from Base Camp, help provide and prepare hot meals, or apply to volunteer at https://www.basecampgr.org/get_involved

October mission of the month

October Mission of the Month


October's Mission of the Month is Gifts of Hope. They provide education to kids in Liberia. Their school is called Gifts of Hope Christian School Kakata, Liberia. We are raising money to pay the teachers so that the kids are able to attend school. 

Our Impact


During October we raised $1115.41 for Gifts of Hope. This money will go towards providing Christian education for children in Liberia. 

Continuing the Support


You can follow along on facebook by following Gifts of Hope Liberia. They just celebrated their grand opening last September! Follow them and watch them grow. 

September mission of the month

September Mission of the Month


World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ's compassion and live together in hope as God's community. When disasters strike, those who were already living in poverty are the most vulnerable. You can share God’s love with them in a real and tangible way.  We raised money this month to allow World Renew to touch more people after disasters. 

Our Impact


In September we raised $838.98 for World Renew. This money will be used to help those affected by natural disasters. They are currently helping those affected by hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and along the coast up into Canada. 

Continuing the Support


If you wish to continue to support World Renew you can donate on their website https://worldrenew.net/. We will continue to pray for all the families impacted world wide by these disasters. 

August mission

August Mission of the Month


Ama international's mission is to support children in families overcome their circumstances by providing education to give them an opportunity to be competitive and reduce the gap in their economy. This month we raised money to finish their connection center which is an educational center. 

Our Impact


In August we raised $921.25 which will be used to help build their connection center. It will be built in Mexico and will be used to teach children different skills.  These children who receive education will hopefully be able to help close the economic gap in their community. This will allow them a better chance of financial survival. 

Continuing the Support


Prayers are always needed for these children and their families. Ama does short-term mission trips where you are able to connect and create bonds and see first hand what amazing things they are doing. You can follow their journey and get more information about their missions at  https://amawithoutborders.org/

July Mission

July Mission of the Month


Our July Mission of the Month was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They strive to fight blood cancers. LLS helps patients navigate their cancer treatment and ensures they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care. 

Our Impact


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society helps families across the country who are battling cancer. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services. With your  help we were able to donate $886.15. 

Continuing the Support


Many people are impacted by cancer and we ask for prayers for them and their families. For more ways to give visit https://donate.lls.org/lls/donate.

June Mission

June Mission of the Month


One 17 International is currently teaching 177 students in Haiti.  Every $0.52 you rounded up will fun one hour of schooling for one student. Their mission is to build and operate schools for the left behind in places of urgent physical and spiritual need. With your help we were able to give $962.17. Thank you again to our amazing community!

Our Impact


One 17 International currently has a school in Haiti and is working on getting one started in Cambodia. With your help we were able to provide about 1850 hours of education. That is amazing! Thanks again to our amazing community. 

Continuing the Support

Continue the Support

We ask for a continue of prayers for these countries that are "left behind" as One 17 International impacts them. You can follow along with their progress at their website. http://one17international.org/

May Mission

May Mission of the Month


Our April Mission of the Month was Love INC.  Love INC believes every person matters to God and therefore should matter to us. We believe God created the church to love others and we want to help them do that well. Find out more information and ways to give at https://www.loveinthenameofchrist.org/donate/

Our Impact


All people matter. We are grateful to have supported a mission who embodies that statement.  This month, we were able to give $1079.12 to the Life Skills Program at Love INC.  Thank you for your generous hearts - you matter to us. 

Continuing the Support


Let's stay connected with Love! Visit one of their resale shoppes to help support the Life Skills Program, which in turn helps bless 65+ local families . Please lift this mission up in prayer so that they may continue to be God's hands and feet. 

April Mission

April Mission of the Month


Our April Mission of the Month is ABWE. Each gift to the Global Gospel Fund allows ABWE to serve 1,000 missionaries with vital ministry resources, leadership, planning, care, and counseling, through a team of more than 70 experts. Find out more ways to give at  abwe.org/globalgospelfund.

Our Impact


We are so inspired by your generosity. This month we were able to donate $1052 to the Global Gospel Fund. This money will provide and support missionaries around the world who are being the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you for being the body of Christ, for we are able to do so much when we work together.  

Continuing the Support


We encourage you to continue to extend your grace and kindness  to this mission. Prayers  and donations are always welcome.  Thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior, for He is so good. 

March Mission

March Mission of the Month


Our March Mission of the Month is Single Parent Missions. They invite single parents to become part of a community who walks through the challenges of parenting together. Find out more information and  ways to give at http://singleparentmissions.com/

Our Impact


With the change you generously gave, we were able to empower this mission with $1,158. This money will give this mission the ability to provide food and childcare for single parents, allowing them to attend weekly support groups and other local events. 

Continuing the Support


We want to say thank you for your support of Single Parent Missions this month. You are truly making an impact in our community. We encourage you to continue to support them in your prayers and through your referrals to any single parents in need, knowing they have a  Single Parent Church family and upcoming Summit event. 

Jan & Feb Mission

January & February Mission of the Month


Our January and February Mission of the Month is Pray America. They build homes for widows and orphans in Guatemala.  Find out more information and ways to give at http://prayamerica.org/

Our Impact


With the spare change you donated in the months of January and February, you have generated $2,508.41 which is enough money to build a home for a widow in Guatemala. This summer a team with 317 employees and friends will be traveling to build this house.

Continuing the Support


We want to say thank you for your support of Pray America this month. Your spare change makes a huge impact in the lives of others. We encourage you to continue your support through prayer and lifting up the people of Guatemala.

Becoming the mission of the month

We believe in giving, and most importantly doing so with a happy heart. This is why it is our pleasure to tithe a portion of our profits. We also have an option to round up your total to the nearest whole dollar for our Mission of the Month. If you are interested in becoming our Mission of the Month, please fill out the application below. Completed applications can be sent to 317coffeehouse@gmail.com. We will prayerfully consider your mission, and above all, listen to where God is calling us to give.